Daphne shares our culture

Our sustainability lead Daphne joined ETL in 2017 after four years working in the private sector. She gives some insights into life at ETL, post-COVID challenges for sustainable design and why South London wins when it comes to eating and drinking.

Why did you decide to join ETL?

I was offered a position in a field that I've wanted to work in. It can be difficult to find entry into Sustainability and this was a great opportunity to do that. My interview with Alexandra Hammond was personal and natural. Early on I felt like people within the company really care about each other.

What is the best thing about your role?

As a Sustainability consultant working in strategic sustainability and energy and performance contracts, my role is important to me because it's work that makes an impact. There are benefits on a financial level, but also on a community and environmental level.

How would you describe the culture at ETL?

There's a team who organise a lot of social events and annual gatherings at Christmas and in the summer. The events are well attended and it is good to meet people who you don't work with on a regular basis. There are also regular lunchtime meet-ups and after-work drinks. It is all very inclusive.

What have you learned since you joined ETL?

Learning how the company works and what other things we do. The energy sector is in the media a lot, and what we do is very much at the forefront of many estates' agendas. I have become very focused on the green agenda.

How have you been supported during your career development?

Working with Alex has really helped me grow and I'm included in all the elements of the role, but also knowing that I can go to anyone in the company is really supportive.

If you could sum up ETL in three words?

Diverse, personal and size.

When not at ETl.....

I like to hang out with friends, don't mind where it's the company, not the place.

What don't we know about you?

I love football, I've been playing since I was five. I like travelling - Zimbabwe and Mozambique with my family was really special. I volunteered in the Galapagos National Park performing animal surveys, tackling issues with invasive species and doing a lot of physically demanding work too.

tennis player

Which three people would be your ideal dinner guests?

Roger Federer because he wasn't always squeaky clean. JK Rowling makes me laugh, especially her tweets. And Michael McIntyre also makes me laugh.