Our reputation mattered to Colin

Colin joined the Cost Management team in 2020. We spent 10 mins finding out what he likes about his role.

Why did you join ETL?

I was attracted to ETL by the people who work there. Prior to joining, I worked with ETL on a number of projects and during this time got to know some of the staff better learning about the lucrative positions which some have held within the industry which has provided them with a variety and wealth of experience and most importantly their embodied ethos of always delivering to a high standard of service within their work. This is an approach I like to adopt and I could see myself working in a team alongside likeminded people.

What inspires you about the role?

In my role I’m most privileged to work closely with Client’s in developing the scope of their projects, when they hit key milestones it gives me a great sense of pleasure knowing I have helped them get to that stage. The real-life benefits which many of our projects in healthcare and science sectors often bring to the general public is also something else I’m really proud of, whether it is providing state of the art imaging capability to the NHS or refurbishing a 1970s laboratory building which now houses dilapidated equipment used by NASA for the initial moon landings, it’s easy to find inspiration in the majority of what I do. I also like the office biscuits… the team go for variety as well as quantity but I’m glad to say it’s well balanced with company support for undertaking physical activities, whether at lunch, to and from the office and at home or in aid of charity… it is well supported.

How would you describe ETL in three words?

Inclusive, driven and joyous.

What opportunities do you have for career development?

I have only been with ETL for 11 months but during this time I have been provided with the opportunity to work on the projects which are really interesting to me. I have found that my CV strengths do not dictate the work that I do moving forward and this flexibility has enabled me to grow my experience in the areas which I find exciting.

What makes ETL different from other companies?

The ability to act flexibly to client requests and the embodiment of a larger company ethos instilled into our smaller team.

Outside of work what do you do to relax?

Enjoying the countryside and going for walks with the family. I also like to spend time with friends, watching football and motor racing. I like lots of outdoor activities in addition to hill walking I like cross country mountain biking and anything else that involves being outdoors.

If you could have any three people for dinner, who and why?

Three of my ancestors from different eras. I'd like to find out about their lives and their impact on the local community.