Developing a Commercial Master Plan for Haileybury College

Haileybury College is a co-educational independent boarding school located in Hertford Heath. The school is based across 500 acres of Hertfordshire countryside and has over 880 pupils enrolled, of whom over 550 board on site.





Haileybury College instructed the project team to provide a master plan including planning, commercial and technical services for the Haileybury and Imperial Service College Main Site and surrounding Sites.

The report identified the commercial opportunities available to Haileybury College and found development opportunities presented in the master plan. The report also highlighted longer-term income-generating opportunities available to help future proof the college and fund continued improvement to the facilities.


ETL produced a report that first set out the planning context for the Hertford Heath area which was followed by the identification of the four main areas of the Haileybury Estate which included:

1. Haileybury College Main Site

The main site buildings serve a variety of purposes including education, extracurricular activities, administration, facilities management, boarding accommodation, catering, and sports facilities. Haileybury can maximise their revenue from their already existing facilities through events hire, accommodation and day camps.

2. Woodland Area

Within the Haileybury estate, there are three ancient woods. The commercial opportunities are restricted due to the Site of Special Scientific Interest designation. The key element to delivering commercial opportunities on the woodland will be securing planning permission.

3. Farmland Area

123 acres (50Ha) of farmland lies within the estate. The report set out how to best maximise revenue from this land. A variety of opportunities were identified - including allotments, telecom mast, horse grazing, burial grounds, golf course, camping grounds, solar farms, and the opportunity to dispose of the land.

4. Residential Accommodation

Haileybury College owns 66 residential units, which are currently used for staff accommodation. The residential accommodation provides an opportunity for the College to generate long term income from rentalising residential property or alternatively generate a capital receipt from the disposal of these units.

ETL laid out the current situation of each of the elements of the Haileybury estate. Following this, ETL reviewed the opportunities each element presented from a short term to long term perspective. This was based on research and conversations held with key members of Haileybury staff. Long-term income-generating opportunities help future proof the college and fund the continued improvement of its facilities.

ETL was required to adhere to local planning policy to identity restrictions and designations of the individual elements of the Haileybury Estate. The opportunities presented to the client consisted of both opportunities that were feasible at present and those that could become feasible given changes in planning restrictions.


ETL was able to provide Haileybury College with a wide array of income-generating opportunities to support the overall master plan report. This allowed Haileybury College to reflect on its estate potential income opportunities for their internal discussions.