Supporting South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to meet Net Zero targets

ETL supported SLaM to develop an evidence-based Green Plan shaped by Greener NHS and stakeholder priorities to progress net-zero delivery. ETL led stakeholder engagement exercises to gather ideas from those who will lead Green Plan delivery, to ensure the plan is owned by stakeholders and aligned to the Greener NHS programme. The Sustainability Team fine-tuned and re-focused the existing strategy to evolve the Green Plan and consider NHS requirements.

ETL’s interactive engagement activities provided SLaM with a clear and prioritised healthcare plan for the next 5 years. ETL developed and ran two surveys for the Trust; a key stakeholder sustainability survey and a Trust-wide sustainability survey. This feedback was key in shaping a tailored plan and helped the Trust to identify key priorities for improvement. Additionally, ETL engaged with staff, including junior doctors and service leads to share the Trust’s vision, improve understanding and establish a Green Champions Network. This provided a platform for staff to share ideas and initiatives for driving sustainability across SLaM and ensures that there is a feedback loop to service leads responsible for each key area of the Green Plan.

Delivering net-zero requires a considerable amount of resource that needs to be identified and allocated. ETL worked in collaboration with designated service leads to create resourced action plans which support the delivery of the Green Plan. This involved the allocation of costs, personnel and time to each action set out within the Green Plan. ETL provided resourcing recommendations, broken down by each key area of the action plan. This will assist the Trust in delivering the actions and enable easy progress review.

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Picture by Lukas Blazek

Travel planning

In 2020, ETL supported the Trust to develop a staff, patient and visitor travel survey to capture information on the regular journeys taken to the site, the time, mode and reasoning. The survey incorporated COVID-19 considerations and allowed the Trust to gain feedback on upcoming initiatives to inform Green Travel planning specific to various Trust sites.

ETL provided SLaM with a breakdown of travel modes per site and collated postcode data in preparation for a postcode mapping exercise. Outcomes of this work included a summary report of strategic recommendations to enhance the travel facilities and improve current initiatives, with the ultimate aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the Trust’s travel activities.