Development is more than learning a new skill

We work in a fast-moving sector that is constantly improving and transforming the way we work. That means our teams have to be up-to-date with the latest and trends so we are able to support our clients and add value to the projects we work on.

We are constantly investing in the development of our employees, across all levels and all areas. It's important that we sharpen our skills so we can share those new ideas in the way we work. Not everybody needs the same training - designing a programme around individual needs gives a better outcome for everybody.

There are a number of factors that we think makes development a must for any company.

  1. Attracting talent - people are attracted to ETL, not just by our reputation but because we invest in people and support their development. This helps us to build the best times to work on projects that give the greatest returns for our clients. That training and continued development are with them for life.
  2. The environment we work in is moving quickly, in health, the world is thinking about how environments can cope with rapid changes and be flexible to best serve the people it was designed for. In science developing and attracting the best minds to work in world-class environments is helping to develop solutions to the world's complex problems that affect human, animal and plant health. To keep pace with these changes we must continue to be at the forefront of learning not just in the UK but across the globe.
  3. Being confident in what we are doing is the best way to build trust and relationships with people we work with. Ensuring we have the knowledge to cope with each challenge means we can be agile and more effective, the client benefits from the ongoing learning and development.
  4. We have embedded in our culture to learn from the people we work with and to share knowledge with each other. Sharing that knowledge helps to build more capacity in teams and gives our people more opportunities to prove themselves in more challenging roles. It keeps people engaged and shows that we value them.
  5. Training can be a shared experience, bringing people together from our teams or individuals from other companies. People can gain from a richer, more diverse experience.